It's Summer!

What a glorious time of year. The blue skies, the vibrant greens and everyone is outside cleaning up their yards adding flowers and sprucing things up! I love it!  

In the spirit of sprucing up the yard I wanted to share with you these House Numbers I know what you're thinking, house numbers are boring Julie. But I promise you, these are not your everyday house numbers. Start with a holder, your house number and then things get personal!  

House Character Decorative Tiles

Do you love horses, chickens or cows?  There's a tile for each of those and more. 

House Decorative Tiles available at Quilted Cabin Home Decor

Want to switch out tiles for the seasons? Choose from Santa Claus, a reindeer, a clover for St. Patrick's day, a heart for Valentine's, a pumpkin for get idea. 

House Numbers available at Quilted Cabin

These tiles are hand made in Canada so each one is a little bit unique. You can choose holders that will hold two to six tiles and then have some fun picking tiles!  

We have a number of the decorative tiles on line and few more in store at Rustic Ranch Furniture as well. Stop by, take look and add that farmhouse finishing touch to your front yard. They make a great house warming gift. 

Hope you have a great summer and can get out and enjoy all that it has to offer. If you have any questions – you can reach us at 403-265-6656 or

Until next time,