Cowboy Cotton Quilt Set - Two Sizes


Saddle Up for Style with this Cowboy Cotton Quilt Set Get ready to embark on a wild west adventure. This striking bedding ensemble captures the rugged spirit of the frontier with its captivating whole cloth design. Featuring sketched cowboy figures, graceful horses, and iconic cacti set against a desert landscape backdrop, the Cowboy Quilt Set transforms your sleeping space into a Western oasis.

The Cowboy Quilt Set is an homage to the spirit of the Wild West. The sketched cowboy, horse, and cactus motifs recreate the essence of the frontier, inviting you to embark on a daring journey into the desert. This bedding ensemble serves as a captivating reminder of the untamed beauty of the American Southwest. Rich chestnut brown and soft cream colours will effortlessly complement any decor and create an inviting ambiance reminiscent of the wide-open plains.

The set is crafted from pure cotton offering exceptional softness and breathability. Whether you're snuggling up on a cool night or seeking respite from the desert heat, this quilt provides year-round comfort. The quilted whole cloth design guarantees durability and enduring quality. It is machine washable. 

The set is available in King and Queen sizing. The King quilt measures 110"W x 90"L, and comes with two King Shams measuring 20"W x 36"L. The Queen set measures 90 x 90" and comes with two standard shams measuring 20" x 26".