Holiday Eucalyptus Floral Collection


Succulents are a new favorite for decorating year round and keeping something green in your home all year long.

I love this Holiday Eucalyptus Succulents. These wreaths and the spray include some red and are perfect for the holidays and really for all season long. Each one in the collection is full and only a couple of sprays are needed to make an impact in a farmhouse container. The 20" wreath is full and would look great on your front door and would stand up well to the elements I think. The smaller wreath would make a great candle ring or incorporate it into a larger wall display.  The leaves have just a hint of white on them creating the perfect dusting of snow.

Their simplicity lends them to being used all winter long. 

The spray has a wire stem and is 19" long. 

Choose from two sizes of wreaths - 20" and 3.5"