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Do You Love Country Decorating?

The Quilted Cabin invites you to join our sales team!! The Quilted Cabin is a home party sales company featuing country decorating accessories and gifts. We have developed a business based around the desire to “Bring Country Charm into Your Home”.


Business Concept

tile-tanIn the fast pace society in which we live, the 21st century is forcing retailers to provide a fast, economical and enjoyable method of selling their products to customers. We feel that home parties are the way of the future. Shopping in the comfort of your home amongst friends and family creates a comfortable atmosphere. Our goal is to help people transform their empty nest into homey havens. Our products surround our clients with old fashioned warmth and hospitality. As a sales associate, you will not only sell our products but act as a decorating consultant who gives suggestions on how the merchandise can be used in peoples homes.

Business Practices

tile-redYou will have the opportunity to own your own home based business with a small investment. You will be able to tailor your business to your lifestyle and like all homes based businesses, you will be able to take advantage of great tax deductions and flexible working hours. Contact the CCRA (Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency) to receive your free copy of the Business and Professional Income Guide. This guide will outline numerous tax incentives such as fuel, vehicle, mileage and home office space deductions. Once your business is established you can decide how many parties you would like to host each week. Here is how our business works. You will purchase your products directly from our company at a discounted rate. How much you earn depends on how much you sell. We will do all the buying, pricing and research on market trends. The earning potential is unlimited, and you dictate how successful you become. There is no waiting for commission cheques, as you collect your pay check from your customers the night of each party.

Market Areas

tile-brownThe Quilted Cabin is not a multilevel marketing company. We will only allow a certain number of sales associates in each area, because we do not want to flood any market. We want our sales associates to be successful and profitable. There are no established sales territories, and you are welcome to sell at trade or craft shows, host your own open houses, set up a Facebook sales page, the sky is the limit!

How Does It Work?

tile-blackWe carry an extensive product line that you will display at each party. We feel it is our products which make our parties so appealing. Clients will purchase items from you, and take them home with them that day. It will be your responsibility to drop off duplicate orders to the party hostesses. You will need to restock your product pack after each party. Through out the year, particularly at the beginning of each selling season we will introduce new products as old ones are faded out. You will be expected to purchase these items to add to your product pack. While you are not required to purchase a full product pack, we do not print a catalogue, so it is difficult to sell what you do not show. If you don’t purchase the full pack, we suggest you set up a digital picture frame or laptop with internet access at each party in order to show the remainder of the products availalibe. We have found those people who carry the most inventory are the most successful.

Selling Seasons

tile-tanOur prime selling seasons are as follows: Our Christmas/Fall season runs from September until the second week in December. Our spring season runs from March through June. We have found these two periods to be the most successful. We suggest you aim to attend a minimum of 4 trade shows or home parties per period in order to be successful.

How Do I Become a Consultant?

tile-redTo get started you will need to purchase a product pack. The cost of each seasons pack is different, and how much you invest is up to you. We require a minimum $500 start up kit, and encourage you to carry as much product as possible. The more you purchase the bigger discount you will receive – up to a possible 35% off retail pricing. It is likely you will need to purchase several rubber maid containers to transport your products as well as display unit. We have these display units available at the cost of $150.00. The containers and display shelf are tax deductible.

We’d Love to Hear From You!

tile-brownThe next step is up to you. If you are interested in joining our team please contact us, but don’t hesitate for long as we have a limited number of positions available and we anticipate these positions filling up quickly! We look forward to taking with you soon!


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